Donation Bins

Rotex accepts clean, used clothing items in good condition at donation bins located across the city. The donations collected are sold to clothing graders throughout North America and proceeds from the sale will go to support local charities. The majority of pieces collected will be used as clothing items in third world countries, however, items that are unsuitable for use as apparel will be processed into wiping cloths either here in Edmonton or in our Toronto facility. The most tremendous advantage of this program is that it operates at no cost to the charitable organizations. Collection, distribution, processing and maintenance are paid for by Rotex, taking care of all expenses associated with the donation bins.

How does it help our community?

Rotex is firm on fulfilling our duty to support our community in any way possible. With no cost to the charitable organizations for fundraising, 100% of the money they receive from Rotex goes directly towards securing resources and funding for much needed programs. This frees time and energy spent by organizations trying to receive financing to instead concentrate on their programs and services, resulting in prosperity for the community as a whole. This directly benefits the thousands of women, men and children these organizations reach out to. Rotex is a proud supporter of these charities and hopes to contribute to their missions, ultimately benefiting the individuals that are profoundly impacted by their efforts on a daily basis.

How does it help the environment?

While the benefits of providing funding to local charitable organizations may be evident, there are also astounding environmental advantages to the program. Each year enormous amounts of textiles are dumped into Canadian landfills, taking up unnecessary space and also causing an array of short and long-term environmental problems. These environmental issues caused by tons of textile waste are unnecessary and can be avoided by recycling used clothing. Our mission is to support sustainable recycling processes in order to extend the longevity and quality of the environment, and providing donation bins for disposal of unwanted clothing items will help achieve these objectives

Participation of these not-for-profit organizations is completely voluntary. If you would like to join our program, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you and help support your organization's goals.