Recycle Program

In keeping with our dedication to the environment, Rotex has instituted a recycling program for wipers, sorbent and filters. These used items are returned to us in 25 or 45 gallon drums. A high-speed centrifuge process is used to extract all excess oils. The processed items are then sent to a class II landfill where they are unable to leach any chemicals or hydrocarbons into our environment.

Rotex Shop Towel Recycle Program vs. Linen Rental Companies

Linen Rental Companies: 
1) Customer is asked to sign a contract, e.g. 1 year
2) Customer agrees to a set quantity of towels on rotation, e.g. 100 towels every 2 weeks
3) Customer pays an agreed upon rental price / towel, e.g. $0.15/each

The following is where customers may fall victim: Because the contract states 100 towels every 2 weeks (as the example above), the linen company may still charge for 100 towels even though all 100 may not have been used. Thus the customer can end up paying for towels several times before they are ever used. In addition there is an excessive surcharge to replenish towels that are lost or have been discarded.

Rotex Supply Shop Towel Recycle Program:
1) There is no contract to sign
2) There is no surcharge for lost towels
3) There is no time limitation given as to when the drum needs to be used.

*NEW*: Prewashed shop towels are also available through our program for those customers requiring this option. Please inquire for details.

Please Note: 45 Gallon drums are also available (1000 towels/drum)